Tape Recovery

Tape data recovery services are extremely specialized data recovery services, where Disk Doctor Labs have decades of experience in thousands of successful recoveries. Tape recoveries are special because of the nature and criticality of the storage.

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At Disk Doctor Labs we will thoroughly study your tape for any kind of damage, which caused actual data loss; also we would determine whether it is physical or logical, before making any attempt to recover data. We start the job by creating a secure replica of the tape cartridge, we will then work from a secure replica of you’re your tape cartridge to identify the format and determine what procedure, software and recovery technique need to be applied to complete recovery.

After determining steps of recovery, we will then contact you to approve your recovery job. We would not start the recovery without your approval. As soon as you approve the recovery, our technicians will continue with the recovery process, and once data is recovered it would be delivered to you on the choice of your media.

To recover data from all the below mentioned cases we follow a standardized data recovery process in all our data recovery labs across the globe.

  • Physical damage to media
  • Water damaged tapes, or due to any natural disaster
  • Damaged due to dust or mishandling of the media
  • Broken Tapes
  • Back up Failures
  • Overwritten Tapes
  • Accidentally damaged tapes
  • Microsoft Backup
  • UNIX, Linux Tape Backup
  • Backup formats of Arcserve, Legato, HP, Veritas etc.
  • 4mm
  • DAT, DDS, DDS2, DDS3, DDS4
  • 8mm Quantum
  • Super DLT, DLT8000, DLT7000, DLT II, DLT III, DLT IV, TK50/TK70
  • SLR/MLR Data Cartridge
  • Seagate AIT, OnStream, ADR and Travan tapes
  • QIC mini cartridge tapes
  • Reel-to-reel data tapes
  • 9-track tape recovery and conversion
  • ½" tape reels
  • ¼" Cartridge
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