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  1. Recovers messages, folders, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, tasks, task requests, journals and notes in .pst files.
  2. Supports Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.
  3. All properties, such as subject, to, from, cc, bcc, date, etc., are also recovered.
  4. Recovers mail messages in plain text, RTF and HTML.
  5. Recovers attachments, including the documents and images attached to messages and embedded in HTML bodies.
  6. Recovers embedded objects, such as Excel Worksheets, Word documents, etc
  7. Recovers .pst files larger then 2 GB.
  8. It can recover password protected .pst files, even if you don't have the password. Both compressible encryption and high encryption (or best encryptions) are supported.
  9. Generates fixed .pst file in Outlook 97-2002 format and Outlook 2003/2007 format.

Please note Outlook compact option reduces the size of .pst file by removing unused data and further deleted emails are also wiped off inside the .pst email archive. Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery software will recover emails from such file who have been corrupted at the time of performing compact operation. Emails lost due to compact operation are lost forever and recovery of such emails is not possible.


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