Snap Server Recovery

Snap Servers are exceptional (NAS) solutions for variety of users; but just like any other data storage Snap Servers are bound to crash at some point in time.

The default file system architecture used in Snap Servers is very unique; and only hand full of companies know how to deal with it.

When a Snap Server has crashed due to non functioning drive, any data recovery company may fix the physical problems, and can have access to the data.

But, the challenge comes when Snap Server’s unique file system becomes logically corrupt; that is where Disk Doctors Lab steps in. Our dedicated R & D department at Disk Doctor Labs has created number of software utilities to address these very challenges faced in crashed Snap Servers with logically corrupt file system.

Recovering data from Snap Servers with any type of problem is a routine work at Disk Doctor’s Labs. We can recover data from all types of Snap Servers listed below.

  • Snap Server 110
  • Snap Server 210
  • Snap Server 410
  • Snap Server 520
  • Snap Server 650
  • Snap Server 1100
  • Snap Server 2200
  • Snap Server 4100
  • Snap Server 4200
  • Snap Server 4300
  • Snap Server 4400
  • Snap Server 4500
  • Snap Server 18000
  • SANbloc S50 JBOD

To recover data from all the below mentioned cases we follow a standardized data recovery process in all our data recovery labs across the globe.

  • Failure of RAID controller or change in the RAID configuration.
  • Two or more hard drives fail or go offline
  • Server crashes and fails to mount volumes / partitions
  • Addition of incompatible hard drives to the array
  • Hardware / Software malfunction
  • Virus infection, software and operating system upgrades
  • RAID 0 - Stripe Set without parity
  • RAID 1 - Mirroring / Duplexing
  • RAID 5 - Stripe Set with parity
  • Other RAID combinations such as RAID 0 +1, RAID 5+0, RAID 5+1 etc.
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