Removable Drive Recovery

Removable storage devices are small, lightweight, handy, low cost, rewriteable and removable; they are actually data storage device used for carrying data or to switch data between office and home.

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Some of the common removable drives are: USB Drive, ZIP Drive, CD-DVD, Floppy Disks, USB Flash Drives (Pen Drive, Thumb Drive), Firewire drives.

However, they too fail and data loss happen on these drives as well, the real problem is due to the enormous production of these drives where major cause for loss of failure is poor manufacturing and lack of quality control issues.

To recover data from all the below mentioned cases we follow a standardized data recovery process in all our data recovery labs across the globe.

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Mishandling of the USB drive due to shock or dropping
  • Virus Attacks
  • Human Errors comprising accidental deletion of data
  • Unable to mount or execute data
  • Corrupt data
  • Natural Disasters
  • Kingston
  • SanDisk
  • Western Digital
  • iOmega
  • Maxtor
  • Qrisma
  • SimpleTech
  • Many Others

this option to submit / ship your case to Disk Doctors. Please try to provide as much details as possible, this would help us to examine your case with more information and can be decisive in terms of recovery and also would reduce further unwanted interactions to get right information.

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