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My portable hard drive does not get recognized by Mac

The thing is most of the times when I try to connect the drive after turning on the PC I face the issue that, my portable hard drive does not get recognized by Mac. On the other hand, when I connect it before turning on my Mac machine, it works fine. I would like to know that, whether is this some kind of a brand conflict of hard drive with my PC or not?

Mostly portable hard drives have the same issues on different computer systems. Well, most probably you would be using a laptop because such devices are needed more with them. Most of the people set their laptops to power saving mode that is why the USB or external storage devices do not get automatically adjusted. This can generate an electricity surge and so can interrupt the device drivers. Anyhow in this scenario you can go for either Disk Doctors Mac recovery services or else you can follow these steps to overcome this issue.

  1. Go to Start and click on Control Panel
  2. Choose Power Options
  3. Now, adjust it to use Laptop power options scenario
  4. Click on Save
  5. Now connect your portable hard drive into your computer.

Hoping that by following above mentioned steps your problem has been resolved. In case, if it is still happening to you then contact at this number to follow more useful instructions.

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