RAID 5 Server Hard Drive Recovery

Q. I have a RAID 5 volume made up of 5 Compaq 10,000 rpm (Seagate) hot swappable SCSI drives. It is broken and is not being recognized by my server. Is it possible to recover data?

Data recovery is possible from the drives. We have years of experience in providing RAID recovery services. We are the provider of the most advanced, certified (Adaptec) RAID data recovery services from all major platforms and array types.

You just need to send the hard drives along with the controller card (if used) to any of our labs which ever closest to you. We do free evaluation. After evaluating the storage media, if recovery is possible we will be sending you an evaluation report along with firm quote.

Here you have an option to accept or reject the quote. If you accept the quote, we will start with the recovery process.



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