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I am using MS-7093 motherboard and my SATA drive is not detected in the BIOS of the computer system. I think that it might be due to the SATA controller drivers but I don't know how I can reinstall them. Additionally, I've tried to install the windows XP to see if it will set up the required drivers but the drive is still not detected by my PC. Kindly suggest me any solution?

Well, the SATA controller on this motherboard is a first-generation controller and it only does 150MB SATA vice 300 on recent controllers. Various drives contain a compatibility jumper on them which is used to set it on 150MB mode. If the drive has this option, then be sure that the jumper is at proper place. Sometimes, this can cause issues with the older controllers. The SATA controller drivers are required to be on the CD drive that was provided with the system.

Note: The drive is SATA-I and it does not require any compatibility jumper setting. Though this is an old hard drive, check it by connecting it with some other computer system.

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