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I have a MSI MS-7093 motherboard along with Seagate SATA hard drive Barracude 7200.8 and I have been using it for the last 2 years. But, one day when I started my computer it displayed 'Disk boot failure' on a boot up which meant BIOS doesn't recognize hard drive anymore. I tested several things like unplugging as well as re-plugging of all the cables. Along with this I also tried other things too and kept on doing that and finally got successful but until the next restart. Then again I tried different things even replaced a SATA cable but no luck.

How should I handle this issue further because this thing is really annoying me? Any suggestions would be encouraged.

  1. First of all unplug the power cable.
  2. Clear the CMOS
  3. Unplug Hard disk cable
  4. After 10 minutes wait, reconnect all cables back.
  5. Load the default BIOS

Well, at the end it must display; ‘Verifying DMI pool data…update successful'.


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