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I have bought a new laptop and now I want to transfer data from PC to laptop. So, I need to know how I can swap information between the PC and laptop preferably without losing data. Please suggest me something in this regard.

Well, it is highly significant to be aware of the involved operating systems, speed of processors and whether these both have USB Ports or Network Interface Cards etc. Another important thing is the amount of information that is needed to be transferred. Don't forget that most of the software systems will require to be re-installed on your new laptop if you need to use them again. Anyhow if you have to transfer only a small number of documents or pictures, you can transfer it simply by using a CD writer or floppy drive.

However, another way of transferring the hard drive data is to store the information on some virtual or online data storage system and then re-access it after your new computer is installed properly.

Alternatively; if you want to transfer a large number of files and folders, then you need to establish a temporary network between the two computers and this will allow the easy and quick data transfer. Some of the ways that can be used to make network connections are listed below.

  1. USB LinQ Link Cable Networking.
  2. Direct Connection with a "Laplink" Cable
  3. USB Cable Networking

If network cards are already installed on both of the computers then buy a CAT- 5 cross over cable and connect the two PCs via Network Interface Cards.


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