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With data storage devices becoming the integral part of everyday life, forensic science has entered the dimension of bits & bytes. Forensic analysis of Data Storage devices involves the identification, preservation, discovery, retrieval, & reporting of digital evidence from any type of digital media storage devices containing valuable and sensitive information.

Disk Doctors’ certified forensic engineers provide needed expertise in the area of eDiscovery, using top of the line tools and proven techniques to preserve, examine, filter, and extract data according to client’s specifications.  Our expertise and abilities in data recovery compliments our ability to analyze and search large amounts of data quickly and easily.

Any organization requiring a computer forensic investigation in the context of their specific business challenges may involve some or all of the following elements:

Identify: Identification of devices involved in an incident.

Preserve:Cloning the digital media bit by bit to get an exact copy without endangering the integrity of the original media.

Recovery: In many cases when a data storage device is inoperable due to any reason, device restoration and data recovery has to be performed before the following two steps could be carried out.

Filter: With advanced matching algorithms available, we can increase the quality and accuracy of results by eliminating irrelevant or duplicate entries.

Report:After filtering the data, Forensic / eDiscovery reports can be prepared according to the provided specifications.

How to Contact Disk Doctors?

Support options for our services include online case submissions, phone consultation, and live chat services. Familiarizing with your eDiscovery / data loss situation is quite important us in order to produce the desired results. This is why we highly recommend you call our customer services representatives to describe the challenge at hand. Our dedicated eDiscovery / data recovery support team is highly trained and will answer your questions in terms you will understand. Our support team is always there to help you in any way that we best can. To make things smoother, we offer a number of contact methods for you to select.


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