Failed RAID 1 Server Recovery

Q. I have a RAID 1 that has failed. The backups for the data appear to be corrupt. I would like to get the data recovered. What is the process?

We provide free evaluation before recovery. You can ship or bring the RAID set along with the controller card (if used) to any of our labs closest to you.

You can find the closest Disk Doctors Data Recovery Lab location.

Upon receiving the media, our engineers will evaluate this RAID array, after the completion of the evaluation process we will provide you with an evaluation report along with a firm estimate.

If you accept the quote, we will start the data recovery process and once the process is completed, we will send you a file list of the recovered data seeking your approval. If you confirm from the sent file list, that this is what you wanted, we will transfer the recovered data to a CD / DVD or any other media of your choice.

Disk Doctor Labs follow a ‘No Recovery, No Charge’ policy, so if we are unable to recover your data, you need not pay anything.



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