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Data Recovery Seattle Recover Lost Data in Washington and the Pacific Northwest

Disk Doctors, the world's premier data recovery experts have a full service lab in Bellevue Washington to serve the entire metro Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest.  Our full service data recovery lab in Bellevue serves Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Western Canada Customers in the greater Seattle area are of course invited to come in person to our repair service lab located at:

Seattle Data Recovery Lab Location

Disk Doctor Labs Inc.
2018 156th Avenue NE.
Suite # 100
Bellevue, WA 98007

Disk Doctors Lab, Inc.
1100 Dexter Avenue North,
1st Floor,
Seattle, Washington 98109

Phone: (206) 453-2360

Seattle of course is no stranger to the field of data recovery as many of the world's largest data centers are located in the Seattle area. Thousands of hardware and software firms have placed themselves in the strategic shadow of software giant Microsoft. Yet even in the midst of so much computer expertise and know how there still remains a need for target assistance with data recovery. Whether you operate the world’s largest web hosting company or data centers for the nations largest banks or simply need help with a crashed hard drive on your personal laptop. The Disk Doctors Service Lab in Bellevue, Washington is ready to assist you.

As with all Disk Doctors full service labs we provide a unique blend of hands on technical skills and software analysis so as to quickly recover your lost data. Should your problem be rooted in a physically broken hard drive, our techs will dismantle your drive in our ISO certified cleanroom and either repair the drive for data recovery or use imaging equipment to read the hard drive's media and clone the information it contains onto a usable disk. Our Seattle technicians are proficient in data recovery by means of unit repair in every kind of hardware from simple PC hard drives to complex RAID systems. Actually we are among the foremost RAID recovery experts on the entire US west Coast.

Should your data recovery need be tied to a simple logical crash, our software specialists will attach your failed drive to analysis computer and, using proprietary Disk Doctors Data recovery programs retrieve any data that had been thought lost or inaccessible. We can usually restore your hard drive to original working status.

Seattle is the epicenter of world data processing, and Disk Doctors is in Seattle to help you keep all of your applications up and running. Our Bellevue Data Recovery lab engineers offer the following services:

  • Data Recovery from Hard Disk
  • Data Recovery from RAID Servers
  • Recovery from Laptops
  • Deleted files recovery
  • Email Recovery
  • And much more.

Should our Seattle location proves too distant for a convenient equipment drop off, customers can always ship failed components to the above address:

For help with any questions you may have or a simple free online consultation, please contact Disk Doctors Data Recovery helpline at: 1.800.347.5377


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