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There is a lot more happening in the Motor City than just cars being built. Detroit is headquarters for many of the largest data centers and information servers in the United States The big three automakers all have a huge web presence and the companies that support them need internet exposure as well. Yes Detroit is a to 25 wired city in terms of Internet usage and it is no wonder there is such a large demand for data recovery in both the greater Detroit area as well as Windsor and Southern Ontario. The Detroit Data Recovery Lab of Disk Doctors also serves Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. Disk Doctors has Service Labs across the United States and Canada as well as around the world. For service in the any of the above-mentioned areas you will want to use our Metro Detroit Data Recovery office. We are easily found just a few blocks off of Interstate 96 at:

Detroit Data Recovery Lab Location

Disk Doctor Labs Inc.
900 Willshire Drive,
Troy, Michigan 48076

Phone: (248) 266-0846

Before you drop off or ship your failed component to us you will want to ascertain where exactly your problem lies. Your main objective is probably to simply recover data in the form of files that are either missing from your PC or locked away in a broken hard drive.  When files are missing the problem is the result of what is known as a logical crash. A logical crash means that the files in your computer's operating system have somehow become damaged and can no longer be accessed, or FAT or NTFS file system has become corrupt. This can mean that your computer only displays a bright blue error screen or that it simply cannot find a file that you are sure was recently there. Often data recovery is based on accidental deletion of import files. In any case where the hard drive is not physically damaged the solution is to for Disk Doctors to hook your drive up to a diagnosis and service computer so as to scan your drive and rescue any lost information. All of our Disk Doctors Service Labs are staffed and equipped to do this.

When dealing with data recovery in a physically broken hard drive or other digital information storage system the process to recover data is a step more complicated. In order to retrieve data locked away in a broken drive, Disk Doctors Technicians must make that drive operable to clone it first, and then scan it for damaged and lost files. This must be done in one of our Disk Doctors clean rooms by a technician trained in on the spot drive repair.

The Disk Doctors Data Recovery Lab in Detroit will assist you in any of the following areas:

  • Data Recovery from Hard Disk
  • Data Recovery from RAID Servers
  • Recovery from Laptop Computers
  • Deleted files recovery including Email Recovery

For a free online consultation, please contact The Disk Doctors Data Recovery helpline at: 1.800.347.5377


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