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Disk Doctors has service labs for data recovery all around the world. These are strategically located in major cities so as to allow anyone from anywhere to easily drop off their failed components, or should they be situated a little too far for a physical visit to one of our labs, be able to quickly and inexpensively mail their failed hard drive, laptop / desktop computer, or RAID server for that matter. Our Dallas Repair Lab serves the North Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma region. If you are from any of these areas and are too distant for a drop off please ship it to our Dallas location: The address of our Dallas Data recovery Office is:

Dallas Data Recovery Lab Location

Disk Doctor Labs Inc.
3102 Maple Avenue,
Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (972) 665-8370

We are conveniently located less than one mile off of I-35E.

Of course the first step towards solving any data recovery dilemma is to ascertain whether your problem has been caused by a physical hardware failure or a less serious logical crash. Examples of a physical failure would be a hard drive that has literally fried. This happens when the control board for the drive overheats and shorts out. This renders the drive incapable of moving the magnetic head and finding your data. Other physical problems are failed motors and read / write heads crash etc.

Logical crash problems are far more common. If your computer has failed due to a logically crashed system files problem, It simply means that the files which allow access to your stored information or start applications have somehow become corrupt or damaged. Such problems could always be dealt with and consequently helping restore the data.

These two areas of failure apply to even the most sophisticated data storage and retrieval systems. Large institutions use hundreds of drives connected in sophisticated arrays for information storage. These RAID systems occasionally fail and when they do their failure still must be traced to either a physical or logic crash.

Our Disk Doctors data recovery full service lab in Dallas, Texas provides top quality data recovery using proprietary software tools and techniques. Disk Doctors engineers are specialists in: Data Recovery from Hard Disk, Data Recovery from RAID Servers, Data Recovery for Laptop Computers and Deleted files and Email Recovery. The Disk Doctors Dallas Service Labs is fully staffed and equipped to handle any kind of Data Recovery Problem. Whether you have lost a few files on your laptop computer or are staring at a major corporate system failure our Dallas crew is ready to help you.

For assistance in determining the nature of your system failure and the best course of action to solve your hard drive or other system failure problem, please call Disk Doctors’ helpline at 1.800.347.5377. Our staff will be pleased to guide you through the steps of general diagnosis so that you can then ship or carry your failed component to the Disk Doctors Office nearest to you.


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