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Disk Doctors offers a wide range of services for Data Recovery in the greater Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. We are located quite centrally in-between the greater Baltimore and Washington in Columbia, Maryland areas so as to allow easy drop off of failed hard drives, Raid arrays or complete laptop computers. As with all Disk Doctors Labs you may expect the highest level of data recovery skills along with the finest quality of friendly service.

Should you be a bit too distant for a drop off, failed equipment can easily be shipped to our center located at:

Baltimore Data Recovery Lab Location

Disk Doctor Labs Inc.
10015 Old Columbia Road
Suite - B-215
Columbia, MD, 21046

We offer quick repairs and fast turnaround shipping for customers in neighboring Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware areas. If you are from any of these above areas, please ship your drive to our Baltimore Lab at the above address.

Our Disk Doctors Baltimore office provides the following services:

Our forte of course is data recovery, but that task can take on many forms. If you have a personal or business computer and the hard drive has crashed the cause may be a physically failure such as the drives motor or control board has malfunctioned. Or the problem may be what is known as a logical crash. This is a situation wherein your computer's hard drive is fully operational but the files that tell it how to operate have become damaged; or the file system itself has become corrupt. Both of these situations require a skilled team for data recovery such as you'll find at the Disk Doctors Baltimore Service Lab.

If your hard drive is physically broken, our technicians will dismantle it inside a clean room and rescue all of your locked away files. Should corrupt system files or file system are causing you problem, we have developed special software to scan your faulty drive and copy all of your data onto another form of storage.

The Disk Doctors Lab in Maryland, Baltimore is equipped to provide world-class data recovery using proprietary technology and techniques. Disk Doctors engineers specialize in: Data Recovery from Hard Disk, Data Recovery from RAID Servers, Recovery from Laptops, Deleted files recovery, Email Recovery, etc.

For a free online consultation, please contact the Disk Doctors data recovery helpline at: s 1.800.347.5377


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