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How to Clone Hard Drive to new Hard Drive

I have a hard drive that I have been using for some years. Now I intend to move all the data on this drive to a new one and I am not sure if I can do that on my own. I read on the internet that old hard drives are supposed to be cloned onto the new hard drive. Please help me or suggest any solution on how to clone hard drive to a new hard drive.How to clone hard drive to new hard drive

It is very best to make backups of your important data. Cloning can definitely help you provided that you know the basics of using computer applications. You should get an exterior enclosure for your hard drive and attach it to your computer system. If you have the system builder version of the windows that is coupled with mobo then you might have to put the new product key on the control panel/system. This will help you clone your hard disk hopefully.

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