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How To Restore PC With a Bootable Recovery Cd

Hard driveI am a college student and I have been having serious issues in searching the procedure to restore my PC with a a bootable recovery CD. I have never been technical in my life. That is why I am seeking guidance from anyone who can share how to restore my computer system with a bootable recovery CD?

  • The personal computer is restorable with the help of a bootable recoevry CD and to this you need to follow the under given steps in the same order as mentioned.
  • Just put in the recovery CD in your system’s CD drive and turn the system off.
  • Press the power button and let the CD boot up. Your computer will recognize the presence of a CD and will read it before it reads your hard disk drive.
  • The moment the recovery CD’s screen appears you need to press ESCAPE
  • Choose “C./” as the primary drive
  • You can now choose a name for your PC and move on by clicking NEXT. Now the recovery CD will start installing the Operating on the hard drive and set it up.
  • A pop up will indicate once the setup is finished.

That’s all you need to do to setup your PC with the help of  a bootable recoevry CD.

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