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How can I reset Drobo 800fs IP settings to factory default?

We are a company of professional engineers who have launched recently. The amount of workflow is so, much that it gets really difficult for us to get in the technical details of the hardware equipment we have on board. Therefore, I seek to know if anyone could tell me how to reset IP settings of Drobo 800fs to factory default.

Data Loss can occur if you reset Drobo with the disk drives installed.Reset Drobo 800fs

  • Start with shutting down the Drobo 800fs
  • Now just disconnect the iSCSI cable
  • Use the USB connector or the Fire wire to attach Drobo with the Host Computer
  • Now turn it back on
  • For version that are less than 2.0 in Drobo dashboard: Follow the directions and go to Advanced Controls-Tools-Settings-iSCSI. While in the version 2.0 or later, click Settings from the Navigation menu, and select Network.
  • For a possible reboot of the device you’ll have to select Automatically Configure (Default) option
  • Turn it down
  • Disengage the USB or FireWire
  • With the help of iSCSI connector reconnect with host computer
  • Now turn it on

Check IP settings, if everything went the way its mentioned then factory default values should be restored.

Subnet Mask:

IP Address:

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